Las Rosas del Tango


An experienced tango teacher and dancer, I run a school for Argentine Tango in Gouda, and I teach regularly in tango communities throughout Europe as well.


I’ve danced for most of my life, starting with ballet lessons, then jazz and modern dance later on. I discovered Argentine tango in 2000, and I’ve been teaching and DJ-ing since 2007.


From the very first lesson I fell in love with this dance and with the music. I love the subtlety of the wordless conversation I can share with my partner, the possibility to connect on many levels. I love the range of emotions that the music leads us through. And I really, really love to play.


Tango changed my life for the better, and I see it transforming the lives of my friends and students too.



Taught by one of the best-loved Argentine teachers, Pepito, Oliver taught in Germany and the Netherlands for more than 15 years before a rare illness left him with a partial paralysis, changing his life completely.


Tango is still one of his great loves, and he broadcasts Radio Tango weekly on Gouwestad Radio. Listen to his programme via the live stream link on Mondays at 10pm CET, repeated Tuesdays at 10pm. There’s also a catch-up service if you miss a programme.


He’s much sought after as an inspired tango DJ and a knowledgeable speaker on the history of tango music and dance.


You can read more about us in this interview by Maureen van Althuis for La Cadena, November 2014